An accurate and sensitive medium




Several years ago Anita had the honour of sitting with one of the world’s greatest physical mediums. Since that day she has experienced the physical sensation of some of the spirits that have come to speak. She also sees the spirits of loved ones, pets and animals around her whilst she works.

Humour and Compassion

Anita works with both humour and compassion. She is devoted to her work. For her the joy of seeing the spirits and passing on the evidence that they are communicating are indescribable.



Pat and Family

Thank you so much Anita for all the lovely messages you have brought for us from our loved ones in the spirit world. We didn’t know where we would be without the proof you have given us, that they are there. Love, Pat and family.

Cleethorpes Spiritualist Church

Thankyou so much for your wonderful demonstration of mediumship. Very engaging and humorous as always with plenty of messages from loved ones. People have already asked when are you here again. Love and light. Jill.


‘A Stitch in Time. 50 Saville Street. Hull. Thank you so much for your friendly service and my wedding dress which really fulfiled my dreams. Natalie. XX’.


I have seen Anita twice now, wow wow she was amazing. It blew me away.

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